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Architektur Innenarchitektur Stadtplanung

In this digital age, design is profoundly shaped by a multitude of influences and factors, encompassing market dynamics, the pervasive impact of social media, the inundation of product choices, evolving trends, the economic underpinnings of projects, the intricacies of manufacturing and construction, and the transformative power of information technology, including tools like Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and more recently, AI technology.

These tools at the disposal of designers empower them to swiftly evolve and refine concepts with a mere push of the send button. However, within this remarkable progress, there often lurks the potential for chaos and confusion.

These tools and influential forces possess the dual capacity to either disrupt or enhance the success of the final product, whether it be the design of a building, a piece of furniture, or the interior of a private residence. A proficient designer can skillfully navigate and harness these forces to propose a solution, but a truly exceptional designer possesses the ability to conjure forth a design that is not only exquisitely harmonious but also capable of delighting the end users.

It's the fusion of form, function, and elegance that defines this achievement in design.


Samuel Derwent Tsang

Creative Director

TAU Design Studios


Samuel is a multi-talented professional, serving as an Architect, product designer, and the driving creative force behind TAU. He actively contributes to global projects spanning from Europe to Asia and Australia.

Prior to establishing the TAU design studio, Samuel held the role of Associate Architect for PTW China Projects and setup his own design office in Shanghai, HUGE design studios. When he relocated to Indonesia he worked as the Principal Architect for two of the biggest developers in Indonesia Agung Podomoro Group Indonesia and Lippo Group. Throughout his career, he has lent his design expertise to a diverse array of projects, ranging from children's playgrounds and retail shops to shopping malls, office towers, city blocks, and residential homes. Samuel's journey began in Sydney, Australia, where he completed his education in Architecture at UTS. Over the past two decades, he has been passionately involved in design and even set up a fabrication workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Currently, Samuel operates from the Vienna, Austria office, supported by dedicated teams in Jakarta, Indonesia, Sydney, Australia, and Shanghai, China.

In his own words, Samuel emphasizes that while clients often approach him for exclusive designs, the real essence of success lies in the collaborative process and the problem-solving approach. He likens it to wielding a baseball bat to crack open the challenge and reveal the golden revelation within.

"It's the approach and design thinking that truly define the success of any project or product he undertakes"

Samuel acknowledges the weight of responsibility in designing, understanding the risk involved, and the capital invested in each project. This awareness keeps him focused on delivering results that excel on all levels, a commitment he holds close to his heart.






TAU, which stands for Tsang Architecture Urbanism, is a versatile design studio that operates across a wide spectrum of design endeavors, spanning from expansive urban planning to building and product design. At the heart of TAU's philosophy lies the unwavering commitment to transforming concepts into tangible realities, aligning precisely with the client's vision, regardless of the project's complexity.

TAU goes beyond mere design consultancy, as it boasts the capability to produce, design, and craft within its dedicated workshop situated in Jakarta. This unique setup fosters seamless communication, facilitating the smooth transition from technical drawings to construction and fabrication.

Moreover, TAU extends its reach through affiliated brands like Explora Play, which specializes in the design and creation of both indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Notably, Playscape, one of its offerings, ingeniously blends technology with traditional play equipment to craft interactive playground experiences.


Illuminated Stairs

TAU is a dynamic collective of professionals who are unwaveringly committed to delivering top-notch Australian and European designs tailored for both the Asian and European markets. Currently, TAU boasts a robust team of 40 individuals, encompassing a diverse range of disciplines and skill sets. The central design hub is situated in Baden, Vienna, Austria, while additional teams of designers are strategically positioned in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Sydney, Australia.

TAU offers a comprehensive turn-key solution for your projects, encompassing project management, construction, design, logistics, and fabrication, all seamlessly integrated within our versatile workshop facilities. Our team comprises architects, project managers, interior designers, product designers, skilled welders, carpenters, and graphic designers, ensuring comprehensive support throughout every phase of the design process.


TAU provides a comprehensive design and build service, guiding projects from initial conceptual sketches all the way through to fabrication and construction. We place a premium on maintaining control over the entire process, which not only minimizes risk but also ensures unwavering quality standards.

At our expansive 4000-square-meter workshop nestled in Bintaro, Jakarta, Indonesia, we boast a range of specialized processes for crafting materials such as wood, steel, plastic, and aluminum. Our expertise extends far and wide, as we have successfully executed projects throughout Indonesia and have even exported our creations to destinations as diverse as Australia, Europe, and China.

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We have designed and built for some of the largest conglomerates and institutions globally

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