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Architektur Innenarchitektur Stadtplanung

Design in this digital modern era is very much influenced by so many facets and factors such as market forces, social media, influx of product availability,  trends, economic drivers of a project ,manufacturing, construction and information technology, google, pin-interest, instagram and recently AI tech.​

The tools that are available to Designers allow concepts to move and develop an idea very fast within the push of the send button.​

However where there is great progress there is also chaos and confusion. ​

These tools and forces can derail or make the success of a final product whether it is a building design, a table or the interior of a private home. A good designer can manage and use these forces and propose a solution, but a great designer will be able to bring about a beautiful and harmonious design that will bring delight to the end users.

A fusion of form, function and elegance.





Samuel is an Architect, product designer and creative force behind TAU. Working on global projects from Europe through to Asia and Australia.

He was previously the Associate Architect for PTW China Projects, Principal Architect at Agung Podomoro Group Indonesia prior to setting up TAU design studio.

He has designed hundreds of projects from childrens playgrounds, retail shops, shopping malls, office towers, city blocks to houses. Originally born in Sydney Australia and graduating from UTS in Architecture he has been designing for the last 20 years and setup a workshop for fabrication in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Samuel is currently based in the Vienna, Austria office with support teams in Jakarta, Indonesia, Sydney, Australia and Shanghai, China.

"Although clients come to me to make something look exclusive-often its a collaborative process, and about what problem we are faced with and how to crack it open with a baseball bat to reveal the gold revalation inside - so it’s the way we approach and the design thinking that really makes a successful project or product."

"I know what its like to invest all your capital in a project, to risk it all on a product that may or may not work. So I always have this in the back of my mind when I'm designing something because we are given a responsibility . We care about the end result which needs to be working on all levels-" Samuel







TAU ( Tsang Architecture Urbanism) is a multifaceted design studio that works at all levels and scales of design from large scale urban planning to building and product design. At the core philosophy of TAU is how to realize a concept and build it correctly and to the clients vision no matter the complexity. TAU offers more than just consultancy in design as we produce, design and fabricate in our own workshop located in Jakarta.The workshop and the design studio work in the same space allowing a seamless communication from technical drawings to construction and fabrication.

TAU has other affliliated brands such as Explora Playground which focuses on the design and fabrication of indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Playscape is an interactive playground which fuses technology with and play equipment.


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